Haz Clic con Perú is the annual call for entries created to gather and highlight the best of Peruan photography where 18 photographs will form the national portfolio for the next edition of the World Photographic Cup (WPC) .



Intended to show the beauty of nature and wildlife. Wildlife images should be captured in their natural habitat. Panoramas are allowed in this category. Composite and non-composite images are allowed in this category.


Entries should reflect the appearance, essence or personality of those portrayed. Images of families or groups are included in this category. Composite images are allowed as long as the digital postproduction is not a significant part of conveying the personality of the subject(s).


Must be done in connection with an actual wedding event. Images should reflect the personality of the subject(s). They must include some visual reference(s) that defines the wedding event (traditional clothing, church flowers etc.). Composite images are allowed as long as the digital postproduction is not a significant part of displaying the essence or the personality of the subject(s).


Images with an intended use by a commercial client to promote or brand a product or company. Advertising, fashion, beauty, still life, food, architecture, corporate photography are all included in this category. Composite and non-composite images, and highly manipulated images, are allowed as relevant in this category.

Reportage / Photojournalism

Images that illustrate an actual public or non-public event, life, an area of human interest, telling news that have meaning on the context or record of events, high impact and/or lasting emotional response. Basic color and brightness adjustments, cropping, dodging and burning in are allowed. Original captured image (in RAW or jpg) must be available if requested.

Illustration / Digital Art

Graphic depiction of any concept or subject. The main principle of an Illustration is to elucidate or define a concept, story, literature, activity etc. in such a way as to provide a visual representation of the story, title or concept. Composite and non-composite images, and highly manipulated images, are allowed as relevant in this category.

Rules & Regulations for participating in Click Awards and competitions organized by IFVAC and it’s affiliates

  • El participante debe haber creado y tomado la fotografía original, debe ser dueño de los derechos patrimoniales de dicha imagen/obra.
  • El participante debe de haber hecho todo el proceso de revelado y edición de la fotografía o que haya sido bajo su dirección y supervisión.
  • El participante debe de haber obtenido y tiene acceso a todos los permisos necesarios (de modelo o de propiedad) y se compromete a mantener indemne a los organizadores de este concurso, así como a la World Photographic Cup (WPC) contra todos los reclamos y responsabilidades derivadas de la participación de sus imágenes en "Haz Clic con Perú", "Click Awards" y “World Photographic Cup” (WPC), ya sea en exhibición, publicación, promoción u otro uso no comercial de cada imagen ingresada en este concurso.
  • Se permite participar con fotografías que hayan participado y/o ganado en otros concursos fotográficos.
  • Las imágenes participantes no necesitan ser inéditas y pueden haber sido expuestas o publicadas con anterioridad, durante el presente año o anteriores.
  • El nombre o logotipo del participante no puede aparecer en la imagen.  En caso de que las imagenes sean utilizadas para exhibición, publicación y promoción u otro uso no comercial, siempre se le dará el  reconocimiento pertinente.
  • El registro y la participación en la convocatoria nacional Haz Clic con Perú supone su aceptación, sin reservas, para que la obra con la que se concurse sea publicada en cualquier medio impreso o electrónico para fines de promoción o difusión del concurso (sin fines de lucro), en donde siempre se otorgará el crédito correspondiente al autor.
  • The participant agrees to grant a permission to the organizers of this competition to send the images to the "World Photographic Cup" (WPC) and gives them the corresponding rights over the images contributed so that both the organizers and the WPC use them on their websites, articles, exhibitions and publications related to the competition "Haz Clic con Perú" (HCCP) and "Haz Click Latin America" (HCLA) and the "World Photographic Cup" (WPC), and for future promotional purposes of "Haz Click Latin America" and WPC.
  • Neither the organizers of this call nor the WPC have rights over the images presented, beyond those indicated in this article.
  • The jury will be composed of a panel of international judges, professionals with a long history and prestigious awards, who with full autonomy will value the works of the participants, once the requirements and rules have been met and duly approved by the organizing committee.
  • The participant must be able to prove peruan nationality so that their images are eligible to participate in the WPC contest representing their country.
  • The organizing committee will have the final decision in the selection of the photographs.
  • Failure to comply with the terms and requirements indicated will be grounds for disqualification. This decision will be final.
  • Any issue or circumstance not expressly provided for in this call will be resolved by the organizing committee and its decision will be unappealable.