Haz Clic con México is the annual call for entries created to gather and highlight the best of Argentine photography where 18 photographs will form the national portfolio for the next edition of the World Photographic Cup (WPC) .


Contest rules

  • The participant must have created and taken the original photograph, must own the patrimonial rights of said image/artwork.
  • The participant must have done all retouching and editing the image or it must have been under his direction and supervision.
  • The participant must have obtained and has access to all the necessary permissions (model release or property of the image) and holds the organizers of this contest, as well as the World Photographic Cup (WPC) harmless against all claims and responsibilities derived from the participation of the images in "Haz Clic con México", "Haz Click Latin America" ​​and "World Photographic Cup" (WPC), whether the image is used in exhibition, publication, promotion or other non-commercial use.
  • One can participate with photographs that have been entered and / or won in other photographic competitions.
  • The participating images may have been exhibited or published previously, during the current year or earlier.
  • The name or logo of the participant may not appear in the image, they should remain anonymous. In the event that the images are used for exhibition, publication and promotion or other non-commercial use, the relevant recognition will always be given.
  • The submission and participation in the national call "Haz Clic con México" implies your acceptance, without reservations, so that the participating images are published in any printed or electronic media for the purposes of promotion or dissemination of the contest (non-profit), where the corresponding credit will always be granted to the author.
  • The participant agrees to grant a permission to the organizers of this competition to send the images to the "World Photographic Cup" (WPC) and gives them the corresponding rights over the images contributed so that both the organizers and the WPC use them on their websites, articles, exhibitions and publications related to the competition "Haz Clic con México" (HCCP) and "Haz Click Latin America" (HCLA) and the "World Photographic Cup" (WPC), and for future promotional purposes of "Haz Click Latin America" and WPC.
  • Neither the organizers of this call nor the WPC have rights over the images presented, beyond those indicated in this article.
  • The jury will be composed of a panel of international judges, professionals with a long history and prestigious awards, who with full autonomy will value the works of the participants, once the requirements and rules have been met and duly approved by the organizing committee.
  • The participant must be able to prove venezuelan nationality so that their images are eligible to participate in the WPC contest representing their country.
  • The organizing committee will have the final decision in the selection of the photographs.
  • Failure to comply with the terms and requirements indicated will be grounds for disqualification. This decision will be final.
  • Any issue or circumstance not expressly provided for in this call will be resolved by the organizing committee and its decision will be unappealable.

Contest ended