Participate in our first Latin American photographic contest, sponsored by the Comité Fotográfico Mexicano, where we will be selecting 100 photographs to display on the “Crehana Mural” on October 10, 2019, during the “Premios CFM”, to be held in the iconic Soumaya Museum in Mexico City.

You will have the opportunity to compete with 3 photographs in any category.

In addition, Crehana will reward the 100 winners with a 100% scholarship to obtain a Digital Photography certification.


When I grow up

What is your vision for the future? Do you have a role model? How far are you willing to go to reach that goal?

What makes me unique

What makes you one in a million? Portray your essence and what makes you different from others.

The best of my life

Capture a moment that demonstrates the most important part of your life, take your creativity to the maximum to achieve it.

Rules & Regulations for participating in Click Awards and competitions organized by IFVAC and it’s affiliates

  • The participant must be registered at the platform to validate their participation in the competition.
  • The participant can compete with 3 photographs in any of the categories: 1. The best of my life 2. What makes me unique 3. When I grow up
  • The winners of the competition will be rewarded by having their work exhibited in the Crehana Mural on October 10, 2019, during the Premios CFM, to be held at the Soumaya Museum in Mexico City.
  • Crehana will reward the 100 winners of the competition with a 100% scholarship to a Digital Photography Certification, taught at
  • Any participant who wishes to attend the “Premios CFM”, including the winners of this competition, must cover the cost of their event ticket, as well as any travel expenses. Neither Crehana nor the Comité Fotográfico Mexicano will bear these costs.
  • The participant must have created and taken the original photograph. The participant must own all rights of said image.
  • Photographs may be taken with professional, semi-professional cameras and smartphones.
  • The participant must have done the whole editing process of the photograph or have it done under his or her direction and supervision.
  • The participant must have obtained and have access to all necessary permits (model or property release) and agrees to keep Comité Fotográfico Mexicano and Crehana harmless against all claims and responsibilities that may arise from the participation of the image in the contest "Haz Clic con Crehana”, whether on display, publication, promotion or other non-commercial use of each image presented to Crehana and / or the CFM.
  • Registration and participation in the "Haz Clic con Crehana”, competition implies your acceptance, without reservation, so that the work with which you are competing is published in any printed or electronic medium for the purpose of promotion or dissemination of the contest (without profit), in which case the corresponding credit will always be granted to the author.
  • Comité Fotográfico Mexicano and CREHANA do not have rights over the images presented beyond those indicated in this article.
  • The jury will be composed of a panel of international judges, photography professionals with long experience and prestigious awards, who with full autonomy will assess the works of the participants once the requirements of these rules have been met and duly approved by the directors of the Comité Fotográfico Mexicano.
  • The participant must be able to show proof of Latin American nationality so that their images are eligible to participate in "Haz Clic con Crehana” competition.
  • The organizing committee formed by the directors of the Comité Fotográfico Mexicano and CREHANA will have the final decision in the selection of the photographs.
  • Failure to comply with the terms and requirements indicated in this article will be grounds for disqualification. This decision will be unappealable.
  • Any issue or circumstance not expressly provided for in this document will be resolved by the directors of the Comité Fotográfico Mexicano and CREHANA, their decision will be final.


Comité Fotográfico Mexicano

El Comité Fotográfico Mexicano representa a México en la Copa Mundial de Fotografía (World Photographic Cup – WPC) y organiza la convocatoria nacional “Haz Clic con México”

Contest ended